The Top Five Important Attributes of Outsourcing Service Providers

Not all BPO and IT outsourcing firms are equal, and not all can provide the level of service needed. In a KPMG survey conducted in May of 2014, results showed the most important attributes of outsourcing service providers. Here the top five in order, which were listed as mission critical or important.

1. The ability to incorporate client feedback. Participants considered this the most important attribute. Customers not only want to feel like they are being listened to – they want action. Incorporating client feedback also shows that an outsourcing firm is flexible and can build services tailored to their customers.

2. Financial stability. Long-term partnerships benefit everyone. Financial stability is a sign that an outsourcing firm is managed well and can be counted on to deliver with quality. When a critical business process or technology is in 3rd party hands, stability is everything.

3. Proactive vs. reactive. Proactive strategies stop a problem before it can become one. This is especially critical in IT, where downtime is unacceptable. But it also speaks to innovation, a hot-button issue in outsourcing – the provider needs to be an active participant in constantly improving service and bringing new ideas to the table.

4. A solid track record. Clearly, businesses want to see that outsourcing firms’ really can deliver what they say they offer and that performance is guaranteed. Having a standards-based approach to services is important as well as it can avoid confusion and promote communication. Companies want outsourcing firms that they can rely on.

5. A collaborative culture. An outsourcing firm should be able to work with and support a business as it grows and their goals change. Relationships should be prioritized over contracts.
Not all BPOs and IT outsourcing firms are equipped to handle the job. Those that have these five traits, and others such as flexible pricing models and knowledge of specific industry processes, are best able to handle a businesses’ outsourcing needs and deliver over the course of a long relationship.

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