Five Expected Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing In Next Two Years

A recent study conducted by KPMG looked at what business leaders expect from business process outsourcing(BPO) solutions over the next two years. These findings are a good reflection of how the current BPO offerings will evolve. Caution: numbers ahead:

  • Improved standardization of processes are a priority for most business owners. A total of 22% said they would fire their BPO provider if this expectation was not met and 50% consider this benefit as important. Better automated processes are also important for 51% of business owners.
  • Helping business leaders meet compliance requirements is crucial for 37% of the participants, who said they would stop using a BPO solution if it failed to help them meet these requirements.
  • Analytics is another important consideration. Almost half of the participants think better analytics that can improve business process are important and 12% consider this feature as crucial. Analytics that lead to revenue growth are important for 33% of business owners and crucial for 14%.
  • Other concerns include an increased flexibility to scale operations (important for 39% of business owners and crucial for 28%) and better transformed processes (important for 45% and crucial for 22%). These are especially critical for mid-market companies looking to outsource.
  • BPO should save money. A total of 44% of business owners feel that lowering their operating costs by at least 25% would be important, and crucial for 27%.

The study conducted by KPMG gives a good overview of how BPO solutions will evolve in the next few years. It is important to select the right provider to get these results. ContinuServe offers Advisory Services to get started, as well as a full range of BPO services. For more info, please contact us.

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