Business Process Outsourcing is More than Payroll

Many companies already use business process outsourcing (BPO) without realizing it. From small to mid-market companies, they process payroll through business process outsourcing. Payroll is an early (and relatively easy) example of BPO which has been around for decades. But in terms of BPO opportunities, payroll processing only scratches the surface.

As more business processes become automated, what becomes more apparent is that almost any function which is not considered a core business function can be outsourced. As an example let’s consider customer onboarding. When a business acquires a new customer the processes of collecting and organizing their information are standardized. Information on key stakeholders, a credit check, billing account or other information is then entered into multiple systems and various departments within the organization are notified. With professional BPO services you can define (and outsource) the business process requirements of any non-core task, and free up your internal resources for more important work.

When you know what to look for it becomes easy to consider outsourcing for a variety of business processes from payroll and data entry to AR/AP, general accounting, and more. Imagine your team being able to focus on the core strategic processes that they do best while a BPO services firm professionally manages your back office functions. It’s like hiring an accountant, payroll department, inventory control and more from a single source, without taking on additional headcount.

If you are considering BPO, ContinuServe offers Advisory Services to get started, as well as a full range of BPO services. For more info, please contact us.

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