3 Things to Consider When Changing Cloud Service Providers

For companies that use cloud-based software and infrastructure, changing cloud service providers is a risky but sometimes necessary proposition. There are several reasons an organization will change cloud service providers. There may be quality or service issues or perhaps they are growing beyond the current provider’s capacity. Here are three considerations when evaluating a cloud services migration.

Data Center Infrastructure and Location
Although most people think of cloud services as somehow being without location, cloud service providers have physical data centers with varying levels of infrastructure. As business requirements change, some cloud services providers may not have the power, cooling, access to communications, or storage necessary to provide the services you will need. Most providers have multiple locations with different capabilities. Make sure you are aware of these differences and that you contractually specify which location you are hosted in.

Range of IT Services
Many cloud services also come with various service plans, like IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service) and more. As you scale, integrating and outsourcing much of your traditional IT needs to your cloud services provider is an excellent way to cut costs, increase quality, and get global coverage. Before switching cloud service providers, make certain that you understand the entire range of additional services and products available.

With the right location and services, the last major pain point to consider is what happens when you continue growing. Data backup and recovery, data services provided to regional markets, and software and hardware to manage your business processes all have to be adjusted for your business’s growing needs. Some providers carry plenty of additional capacity, and some of them have “sold out” most of their capacity with no room to grow. Make sure you know, and protect yourself contractually.

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