Yes, Mid-Market Companies Can Absolutely Benefit From Outsourcing

Mid-Market CIOs have a lot on their plate. They are constantly in crisis mode, struggling to catch up with changing technology, bug fixes and IT requests. When these CIOs look for a solution, many don’t consider or even think about the option of outsourcing. The reaction seems to be, “we’re too small for that”.

Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong?

Mid-market firms are 20 percent less likely to outsource IT services. Many CIOs think outsourcing is outside their budget or that they aren’t big enough to get most-valued-customer treatment from outsourcing firms. Some believe that they have to be a larger, Fortune 100 company in order to have the option to outsource. Fortunately, there are outsourcing providers out there that were created specifically to help mid-sized companies.

Actually, Midsize Firms Benefit Most

Mid-market IT departments experience unique day-to-day challenges. Because of their smaller size, the department’s managers and supervisors tend to spend too much time executing transactional activities and low-level tasks. They also struggle to find capacity for analysis and process improvement.

When CIOs choose to select a well-suited outsourcing provider, midsize companies can find IT outsourcing more advantageous than their Fortune 100 counterparts. These firms report greater success in saving money, boosting efficiency and gaining access to knowledgeable personnel, according to

How is this possible? Rather than outsourcing one service at a time, many midsize businesses undergo a complete transition to IT outsourcing. These businesses are usually not able to employ a wide range of specialists at a central office, so with outsourcing, contractors tend to offer greater expertise than in-house staff. More than four out of 10 managers at mid-market firms complained that deficient skills hurt their companies’ productivity. With the solution of outsourcing, these companies have needed access to many types of IT specialists.

Take the Next Step

If your company wants to enhance reliability while cutting costs, look for a dependable IT service provider with a successful track record of catering to midsize firms. It’s best to find a contractor that specifically focuses on your size business. You’ll also benefit from choosing a company with a variety of specialists who can address almost any IT challenge.

In the below video, Co-Founder and Managing Partner Nate Medoff explains the origin story of big-company outsourcing and how new companies are starting to serve the middle-market customer.

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