Press Release: ContinuServe Double-Digit Growth Drives Global Expansion

ContinuServe adds 160 new workstations to its expanding global delivery center.

CAMBRIDGE, MA, May 15, 2015 — The expanding advisory, business process outsourcing, and managed services company based in Massachusetts recently announced the opening of a new floor within its global operations facility in Bangalore, India. With the growth of shared services and outsourcing by mid-sized companies in the United States and Europe, ContinuServe continues to position itself as a leading provider for the Fortune 5000 by continually investing in its capacity and capabilities.

Nate Medoff, Managing Director for ContinuServe, said that the new work-space was a welcome addition to accommodate the company’s recent growth. “Our growth has really exploded over the last four to five years as outsourcing has emerged as the ultimate equalizer for the Fortune 5000 to keep pace with the Fortune 500 in terms of cost structure, scale, and capabilities,” Medoff explained. “The expansion was necessary to meet the needs of our growing client base and to expand our service offerings to our clients. We value their loyalty and always seek to further their success.” Medoff said that the company expects growth rates to continue to grow at a brisk rate in the future. “Our goal is to keep attracting new clients and to continually enhance our service offerings”.

Pradeep Khurana, also a Managing Director for ContinuServe, added that the new workspace was part of an ongoing, overall strategy to invest in its employees and internal operations. “The company’s operating philosophy rests on the premise that employees that are challenged, learning, and developing new skills tend to maintain high levels of career satisfaction which, in turn, leads to outstanding customer service,” Khurana stated. He further explained that investing in a collaborative, comfortable and technology-enabled workspace for employees aligns perfectly with the company’s culture of supporting continuous improvement. “Our company culture is something we instill in every team member in order to uphold our values and support our mission. Investments such as this are just another way to demonstrate our unbending commitment to our employees and customers.”

ContinuServe offers advisory, business process outsourcing, and IT managed services to mid-sized companies. To learn more about ContinuServe, its staff or its services, call 1-888-399-0692.

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