Microsoft Platform Services

ContinuServe supports all Microsoft environments, from collaboration all the way through ERP, CRM and database solutions

ContinuServe is a leading Microsoft solutions provider

Services For Your Core Productivity Applications And Technology

Microsoft Applications and Technology form a “supporting cast” solution for integration and productivity. These apps do their work so your people can do theirs. And while they may be “invisible” or behind-the-scenes, keeping them in top shape should be a top priority.
It’s hard to manage a diverse set of technologies with a small team, especially when 24×7 availability is standard for today’s applications. You really only need a fractional “slice” of expertise to make it work. ContinuServe is your answer. We can manage these apps with the availability you need at a price point that works.

Care And Feeding Of The World’s Workhorse DB

Services For Your Core Productivity Applications And Technology

Gluing It All Together And Making Apps Play Nice

Supporting Collaboration In The Enterprise

Keeping The Data Moving In All The Right Directions

Enterprise Collaboration

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