ContinuServe sees unprecedented IT growth in Bengaluru

Stable and exciting growth continues.



ContinuServe marks 20 years doing business in India with its headquarters in Bengaluru. Operations include over 600 employees and counting.

ContinuServe is a leading professional services, consulting and outsourcing firm that helps mid-market and Fortune 2000 organizations improve service levels and reduce costs within their back-office operations. It’s achieved through the implementation and delivery of managed services solutions, business process outsourcing and advisory services to help clients optimize their business strategy and increase efficiency.

By partnering with CXOs, business leaders, and PE firms to reduce costs, achieve scale, and improve service levels in the back office, ContinuServe is able to retain its Bengaluru staff despite the latest sweep of cutbacks in tech. Stable and exciting growth continues by over 30% each year.

Private equity partners within the U.S. rely on cloud computing, SAAS based applications and more outsourcing that the Bengaluru office provides. ContinuServe helps PE firms deploy technology at deal speed to get their acquisitions operational, off TSAs, and accelerating in the marketplace.

Nitin Pai, Senior VP & Head of India Operations explains, “During the past few years, we have seen remarkable growth far outpacing the pre-Covid era on all measures. Our headcount has increased by close to 50%, and we have gained almost 40% new clients. During this period, under Vinay Shet’s leadership and guidance, the team in India has exhibited unwavering commitment towards services to our clients and building a stronger culture that values learning, excellence, curiosity, teamwork, and prioritizes client satisfaction. Vinay Shet serves as a role-model for the organization with his composure and leadership qualities which are crucial for us to build a strong foundation to achieve continued growth.”

“A lot of companies are assessing their businesses right now, especially in the post COVID era, and divesting their non-core assets,” said Paul Lennick, Senior Vice President of M&A Services at ContinuServe.

Cutting Costs by 35%

ContinuServe recently evaluated a $600 million global manufacturing business that was sold to a PE investment group by a global manufacturing conglomerate. As a division of the large conglomerate, the organization’s HR, IT, and accounting functions were all provided by the parent company’s global shared services organization. The new standalone entity needed an entirely new back-office infrastructure.

“The new ownership group wanted to establish new back-office operations within a rapid time frame that would be better tailored to meet the specific needs of the business in the future and do so with a competitive cost structure,” said Lennick. ContinuServe evaluated the costs, risks, and benefits of various delivery models, ultimately designing a back-office

HR infrastructure for the company plus the supporting technology and onsite project management resources.

“ContinuServe’s accounting expertise and program management capabilities helped the manufacturing firm release itself from the seller’s TSA within a rapid time frame,” said Lennick, and without disrupting the business’ core activities. Soon after, service levels attained by the ContinuServe shared services operation surpassed those of the seller. “Through our expert best practices, we helped the client attain these services at cost levels 35% below what could have been achieved by building an internally-staffed operation.”

The bottom line is, ContinuServe offers a new solution to carve-outs by minimizing risk, lowering financial expenditures, and supporting the management of the business to get on to more important endeavors like running and growing the business.

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