Busting The “Quality” Myth of IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing myths abound, but one of the most prevalent is that the quality of outsourced IT services does not compare to an in-house team. Many people remain convinced that in order to have high-quality IT services, it must be internally managed. The truth is that it’s actually possible not only to match the quality of an in-house team but even exceed their quality and capabilities.

Properly implemented, outsourcing IT can result in more skilled support than you can have from an in-house team, particularly a small in-house team that is stretched too thin to handle all of the IT needs of your growing company. With the right provider you’ll have access to a greater range of the technical skills across a larger range of scenarios. When new problems come up, a team with a wide range of experience will solve a problem faster. That means that your team is less likely to lose time trying multiple solutions that don’t work.

By outsourcing certain IT functions, you can better manage capacity to “flex” with the peak periods of activity. Valuable in-house resources can then continue to focus on more strategic and core IT functions and projects instead of being derailed by fighting fires. This means critical projects will receive more focused attention and meet schedule and budget limits more often.

Finally, 24×7 operations become possible without in-house “on call” resources. This greatly improves your team’s quality of life and job satisfaction, and results in a faster more effective response when things go wrong.

Choosing a provider is important. Choosing the right functions to offload is also important. Getting it right means a huge payoff in effectiveness and peace of mind. The value proposition for mid-sized businesses can be even more compelling.

With its focus on middle-market companies, ContinuServe keeps up with the evolution of outsourcing to provide personalized ITO and BPO services. To learn more about affordable mid-market outsourcing, contact us.

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