An Answer For Surging Database Growth

Most database environments today are on a seemingly endless trajectory of continuous growth in both size and complexity. More than two-thirds of organizations indicate that the number of Oracle databases they manage continues to expand. As a result of this expansion, their most pressing challenges include additional administration costs and complexity. This ever-increasing burden taxes even the best IT staff, forcing them to become more reactive instead of proactive. For more than 50% of organizations, it takes their IT department 30 days or more to respond to new initiatives or deploy new solutions. For a quarter of organizations, it takes 90 days or more. This is especially true in mid-market companies, where budgets are tighter and IT staff size is limited.

With Growth Comes Obstacles

Increasing performance, lowering costs and limiting downtime are the most important goals for organizations managing Oracle databases and mission-critical applications. As the complexity and administrative burdens increase, performance is impacted, costs rise and system downtime risks increase. Delays impacting business initiatives have downstream impacts that can continue building, impacting not only costs but business performance as well. Downtime almost always impacts business revenue and maintaining a top support team to support the business and reduce downtime is critical.

The Answer

In a recent Survey of IOUG members, several of the key findings pointed to opportunities to leverage outsourcing to help support the continued growth and other increasing challenges. At some point, as you experience your own database environment growth pain, it may become necessary to explore outsourcing of some of your required IT services, including Oracle DBA support. Engaging the right outsourcing partner can reduce costs and downtime. It can also reduce pressure on an over-utilized staff, allowing them to focus on new initiatives and solutions to support your core business.

Increasing performance, lowering costs and limiting downtime

Take a moment to consider your goals and challenges related to managing your IT environment. Is your team’s response time to business initiatives too long? Is downtime ever an issue? Is your team growing more reactive instead of proactive? The right Oracle DBA outsourcing partner can excel in helping to meet your goals and mitigate your challenges. The right partner has extensive experience from years of performance tuning and support in many varied environments. Take the next step in regaining control over your environment by discussing your challenges with an outsourcing partner.

If your database growth is creating new challenges, it’s time to reach out to an outsourcing provider. With our focus on middle-market companies, ContinuServe keeps up with the evolution of outsourcing to provide personalized ITO and BPO services. To learn more about affordable middle-market outsourcing, contact us at “”.

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