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There is no ROI on a license you don’t need.

Can you reduce your license and support costs?


Yes. If someone with the right experience on your team isn’t responsible for monitoring the inventory and usage of your licenses, you are almost certainly oversubscribed or out of compliance. If they don’t have experience in this area, they could be missing critical risks or consolidation opportunities. At worst, you’ll avoid expensive surprises. In many cases, you’ll achieve significant savings.

How do your future plans impact licensing?


If your footprint is growing, or you have new initiatives in your future, license optimization could give you critical insight into potential savings and impact of expansion. Armed with this information and some precision timing, you’ll enter negotiations with solid data, and more confidence.

How much can you save?


7 out of 10 companies will see savings in excess of 10% on their annual license maintenance costs. Rapidly expanding environments can see better results using the roadmap deliverable.

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What Our Clients Say

“ContinuServe provides MediMedia Health with on & off-shore outsourced application development, support and quality assurance services. Our relationship with ContinuServe has enabled our IT organization to improve its efficiency, reduce cost and increased effectiveness in the delivery of mission critical services to our internal and external customers. I would highly recommend Continuserve.”

Devang Modi

VP Information Technology - MediMedia Health