How do you maximize Exadata performance?

It starts with solid architecture, planning, and sizing of the environment. Then it takes constant monitoring and tuning. What if you’re playing catch-up? What if you are resource constrained? Sometimes an outside perspective can be invaluable to moving forward and reaching the performance you were hoping for.

How do you find and keep experienced resources?

Building a solid team takes time – time you don’t have. The market for good resources in engineered systems is hot for the foreseeable future. Sometimes hiring and training good resources feels like a revolving door. The answer is to build a solid “core team” and augment that team with high-quality external resources as demand increases.

How do you keep up with the business and plan for the future?

Having the time to plan and execute a strategy is the critical factor. This is impossible when your team is in a reactive mode. A solid, competent support team can make all the difference, and create the time and space you need to see and plan for the future.

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