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The Perfect Companion to Your DBA Team

How do you maintain coverage and control costs?


If you are running lean, full coverage is still important. A team that can step in during vacations and after hours can be a huge relief without breaking your budget.

Are you getting the full capability of Oracle Database?


The urgency of day-to-day operations can be a distraction from maximizing your systems performance and reliability. And it never hurts to have someone give you an “outsiders” perspective on whether you are getting the most out of your investment. There’s always ROI in performance optimization and tuning.

Are you 99% confident in your security?


Have you thought of everything? Do you have a second opinion you can trust? Are you sure you’ll never have to report a data breach to your leadership? Security will never be 100%. Be confident you are doing everything you can with the best experts available.

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Database Services

If you are running lean, full coverage is still important. A team that can step in during vacations and after hours can be a ...


Exadata Patching Services

We can take over the entire process of patching your Exadata environment. Our team is experienced and efficient - the perfect ...


Exadata Services

It starts with solid architecture, planning, and sizing of the environment. Then it takes constant monitoring and tuning. ...


License Optimization

Yes. If someone with the right experience on your team isn’t responsible for monitoring the inventory and usage of your ...


EBS Managed Services

How would your business stakeholders rate your service? Are you delivering best-in-class uptime and resolution time? What ...


Peoplesoft Managed Services

With ContinuServe PeopleSoft Managed Services, you have 24x7 access to a previously inaccessible range of skills and ...


Exadata Staffing Services

If you’re planning a new implementation, or just trying to reduce your request backlog, you can count on our ...


What Our Clients Say

“ContinuServe was able to rapidly and efficiently take over the execution of our Accounts Payable and Vendor Maintenance functions which enabled our organization to focus on more strategic issues. They are one of the most capable and flexible service providers we have worked with.”

Daphne Lewis

Accounts Payable Manager - Recall Corporation